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Casey J

When our democratic experiment began, the idea “Of the people, By the people, and For the people” was incredibly limited. The right to have a voice in our democracy, namely the vote, was only for a small portion of the population. If you were non-white, did not own property, or were a woman, your voice just wasn’t heard.

I strongly believe in the power and legitimacy of democracy. The foundation on which a functional and successful democracy is built is the right to vote. Most people in the U.S. had to FIGHT for the right to vote.  I appreciate the struggle my foremothers experienced in gaining suffrage, and thus I would never, ever, squander away my right to make my voice heard.  Writing letters, making phone calls, and protesting all send a message, but voting is the accountability I hold over my elected officials to make certain my message is heard loud and clear. I will never give up that opportunity and right.     

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