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Q: Isn't CivicSolve just another Political Consultant group?

Good Question! The short answer? NO, we are not just another political consultant group. CivicSolve, LLC is a Civic Engagement Consultant group, which is different in some fundamental ways.

Here's a breakdown of how CivicSolve is different from your average political consultants:

CivicSolve, LLC

  • Does not consult on partisan campaigns and/or issues.

  • Consults exclusively on issues of community building and/or civic engagement.

  • Is not aligned with any political party.

  • Specializes in civic engagement components such as: coalition building, resource identification and activation, community dialogue, issue and project development.

  • Is invested in every project and/or group we partner with, because we only partner with communities or people interested in building community.

  • Believes in “paying it forward”, so our goal is to “teach”, not to “do”. We do this through trainings, community meetings and working closely with all partners.

  • We develop strategies founded in helping our partners build community, not destroying the opposition.

  • Wants to create the biggest conversation possible, not because it’s the easiest thing to do, but because we believe communities are better when diverse perspectives are encouraged, heard and given respectful consideration.

Political Consultants

  • Almost always consult on partisan campaigns and/or issues.

  • Develop strategies that are typically based in winning at all costs.

  • Are typically aligned with a major political party.

  • Specialize in campaign components such as, messaging, fundraising, direct mail, field operations, GOTV, Voter ID.

  • May or may not be invested in the success of their client.

  • Do tasks for their clients and rarely teach or train clients to do for themselves.

  • Traditionally appeal to the lowest common denominator

  • Are primarily concerned with their campaign/issue regardless of any harmful impact it may cause to the greater community

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