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About Us

CivicSolve is a consulting firm with a focus on civic engagement, and a mission of "building communities through civic empowerment." We believe in connecting people with their own power as citizens and the power that exists in communities. 


Whether engaging a single person, neighborhood, or community, CivicSolve wants to "build better citizens," and through those empowered citizens, create the most inclusive and productive conversation possible. We believe through engaged conversation, lasting progress can be achieved. 


Cornell Woolridge, M.S.


Cornell began his life in civic engagement at the age of 10, volunteering for a local school board race.  He has managed successful campaigns in Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. He has extensive experience working with government, civic organizations, disability advocacy organizations, and educational non-profits. 


Cornell has a Master's Degree in Ethics & Public Policy from Suffolk University and is certified in Transformative Leadership. Cornell was raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He and his partner, Candace, live in Fort Worth, Texas with their dogs Jack & Falkor.

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